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I have been conducting  self tests for the last 10 years for projects for international and Australian film and television industry. Pilot season can get pretty busy. I am lucky to have read hundreds of scripts and worked with some amazing  actors over this time.I love working with actors on self tests.


Self tests are conducted under studio conditions at both Chameleon and at my home studio in Prahran.


Ok , so why choose me over others who are offering this service? Simple. All round experience


1 I am a casting director - starting in 2000. I have discussed screen tests with producers and directors and have been privvy to what they are looking for & not looking for in a screen-test. 

( Through my work at channel 7, channel 9 and at Chameleon,over the years I estimate that I have conducted thousands of auditions.)


2 I was an agent. I worked as an agent at JM agency for 5 years- representing actors and conducting self tests for clients such as Lincoln Younes,  Martin Sharpe ,Bella Heathcote, Penny Mitchell, Daniel Fredrickson and Kate Atkinson.


3 I am a trained actor and am a pretty good reader- good with accents. Empathy and knowledge of genre.


4 I am a qualified teacher - so I understand the learning processes.


Some of the actors who I have self tested over the years include Jacinta Stapelton, John Wood, Pia Miranda, Xavier Samuel, Katrina Milosovic, Mark Leonard Winter, Deborah Lawrence,Maria Mercedes, Dion Williams, Brett Cousins,. I  have also worked with many emerging artists at the beginning of their career.


Self test

$80 plus gst per session includes casting director, test, reader, uploads and link to your agent.


Most sessions take up to an hr.

0403 031 279- please send a text as I may be in a session

Cancellation policy.

A 50% cancellation fee will be applicable if less than 24 hs notice is given.

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