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How to start in the industry?


Who is the best agent for me?


Should I switch agents?


What are the steps that I should take to progress?


Communication with agents and casting directors.


How do I make contacts?


Drama schools and courses


These are some of things that I am asked regularly. In the course on my auditions I chat about these issues with actors and emerging actors. My experience in daily dealings within the industry is knowledge and a commodity.

I can assist in planning and mentoring .


One on one coaching sessions 

$80 plus gst per 50 minutes ( Scene work material provided- please bring SD Card - or a link of your work will be sent to you.)

0403 031 279- please send a text as I may be in a session

Cancellation policy.

A 50% cancellation fee will be applicable if less than 24 hs notice is given.

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